“Imagine if the world’s largest and highest quality legal network could provide a one stop shop solution for a client’s cross-border legal needs. All the convenience of a single firm but with peerless coverage, deep local market knowledge and consistent quality. What would that look like?”

Lex Mundi’s global client service platform, Lex Mundi Equisphere, launched in 2020 is designed to offer international organizations an attractive and innovative alternative when outsourcing multi-jurisdictional legal services, whether simple or complex. For clients, Lex Mundi Equisphere provides an easy to use single interface with Lex Mundi members. You can create an international legal team tailored precisely to your geographical footprint and needs.

Why Lex Mundi Equisphere?

Lex Mundi is known for the outstanding quality of its member firms and has been recognized as such by the 2021 Chambers Guide. It is an elite grouping of law firms and gaining membership is difficult. Membership is not permanent, and every member firm comes under regular review. Moreover clients benefit from having quality and expertise deployed on the ground in the relevant jurisdictions not centralized in a distant HQ.

Lex Mundi’s renowned quality standards are supplemented by documented and standardized processes and procedures across multi-jurisdictional teams with associated training. All designed to ensure consistency of service and client experience across multiple jurisdictions.

Lex Mundi has more lawyers, more offices and is in more jurisdictions than any single law firm. That geographical presence can be tailored to perfectly match the footprint of the client or transaction with high quality on the ground resource.

Lex Mundi Equisphere can be accessed and managed through a single point of contact - either your existing Lex Mundi member firm relationship partner, or a member of the Lex Mundi Global Markets team.

Utilizing industry standard collaborative software, Lex Mundi’s professional staff will customize online dashboards to your requirements and serve as project liaisons employing these dashboards to manage and report on engagements, including:

  • handling documentation
  • communicating with teams
  • expanding in different markets
  • hitting key milestones, and
  • tracking fees

Why Use Equishere ImageWhy Use Equishere Image


Why Use Equishere Image



This smarter way of working provides clearer, real time oversight offering better control of budgets, deadlines and deliverables - so that clients can focus on the quality of advice and the outcome of the engagements, rather than administering the delivery.

Built on a foundation of consistency of quality and coverage, Lex Mundi Equisphere is a compelling new way to look at a legal network. A new way for clients to organize outsourced legal work, and a powerful competitive proposition for our outstanding independent member firms.


Create your ideal international legal team using Lex Mundi Equisphere.

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