Cross-Border Investigations: Business Crimes and Compliance Practice Group

Criminal and other investigations often have a strong transnational link. The alleged conduct may (at least partially) be committed or an alleged perpetrator be residing abroad. Foreign subsidiaries or parent companies may be affected. Issues relating to obtaining evidence abroad or requests for mutual legal assistance often arise. Proceeds from an offence may be located abroad. Foreign authorities may be conducting parallel proceedings. Initiating criminal proceedings can support civil or other actions.

Member firm lawyers in the Lex Mundi Cross-Border Investigations group offer knowledge and expertise to support member firms and to protect clients’ interests in criminal and other investigations. Practitioners in 160 member firms in more than 100 countries have vast experience in handling criminal investigations and prosecutions, and in dealing with requests for a mutual legal assistance and can provide proactive and preventative.

An Extensive Range of Expertise in Compliance

The expertise of the Lex Mundi Cross Border Investigations group helps clients facing challenges in:

  • Responding to criminal investigations and defending proceedings against individuals and companies
  • Advising individuals or companies on investigations and proceedings of regulatory or other authorities
  • Providing support during searches and seizures at home and abroad
  • Gathering of information for criminal investigations and inspection of files
  • Designing and implementing compliance programs
  • Reviewing compliance rules
  • Providing legal assistance in dawn raids

Key areas of practice are:

  • Anti-corruption, fraud and misappropriation of funds
  • Accounting offenses
  • Insolvency offenses
  • Export control and embargoes
  • Work and labor offenses
  • Cartel and fair-trade offenses
  • Tax and customs offenses
  • Money laundering and proceeds of crime
  • Mutual legal assistance
  • Training and education

Moreover, when your organization’s legal needs go beyond business crimes and compliance matters, lawyers in the Group are able to ensure you receive the additional advice, expertise and support you might need from their full-service law firms.

Selected because they are the leading, independent law firms in their jurisdictions, Lex Mundi member firms can unite you with their in-depth local market knowledge and strong ties to their legal, political and business communities while, at the same time, connecting you to the vast resources of its worldwide network. Working together with one or several member firms, members of the Lex Mundi Cross Border Investigations group can steer you through any legal terrain and connect you to the legal resources and expertise needed to help you successfully meet the challenges of doing business as your operations grow locally or globally.

Cohesive Service Delivery and a Commitment to Client Service Standards

Member firm lawyers in the Lex Mundi Cross Border Investigations group work together on complex issues with cross-border implications. The group provides a uniform, coordinated and integrated service. The law firms belonging to the Group hold regular meetings to coordinate their actions, knowledge and services in this area Members of the group are multi-lingual and are able to attend client needs in English and other relevant languages. While working with members of the Lex Mundi Cross Border Investigations group in multi-jurisdictional matters, clients experience the sensation of working with a single law firm, yet also benefiting from the expertise and knowledge of leading local law firms.

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