Customized Risk-Mapping Analysis Tool

Lex Mundi provides a unique solution for risk-mapping tailored to the global needs of multinational clients matched to their geographic footprint.

The Lex Mundi Horizon Scan Tool allows corporate legal functions to anticipate and proactively respond to regulatory challenges in the jurisdictions where they operate.

The Horizon Scan Tool has been successfully used by corporate counsel across industries and geographies in order to:

  • anticipate franchising risks for a lifestyle organization across Asia and the Middle East
  • stay abreast of changes to tariffs and export control in Europe and North America
  • understand the regulatory regime for fintech companies looking to expand across Latin America and Europe
  • identify potential red flag issues that may arise in cross-border transactions
  • anticipate practical implications of upcoming changes to Ultimate Beneficial Ownership disclosure requirements
  • implement and monitor global corporate governance policies, including anti-corruption and data protection
  • categorize areas of risk (such as antitrust, environmental and data protection) as high, medium or low in the near term for corporations operating in the automotive space