Lex Mundi Global Gaming Law Guide

Around the world, businesses and participants face legal issues in the gaming/gambling industry that affect a number of representatives including operators, software developers, payment services providers, advertisers, equipment vendors, agents and intermediaries, and punters.

The Lex Mundi Global Gaming Law Guide provides a better understanding of the laws governing gaming in key jurisdictions. The information is contributed by Lex Mundi member firm lawyers who specialize in the practice of gaming law and are regularly called upon to advise their clients on such matters.

Items addressed in the guide include the following:

  • An overview of prohibited or regulated gambling 
  • Regulations of advertising and promotion of gambling 
  • The effect of legislative prohibitions outside the territory of enactment
  • An overview of whether licenses are available to conduct gambling activities and if so, on what terms
  • Restrictions to the use of hardware or software for gambling purposes
  • An overview of how gambling revenue is taxed
  • The applicability and requirements of anti-money laundering laws to gambling transactions
  • The enforceability of gaming debts