About This Report

The Lex Mundi Global Competition Law Report provides insight, analysis and practical guidance on salient issues in competition law. Topics covered in the report include Vertical Merger Trends, Cartels, Labor & Employment and Digitization.

More than 20 Lex Mundi member law firms collaborated to publish the Lex Mundi Global Competition Law Report. The relevance of each development varied depending on the region, but consultation with each jurisdiction was important to understanding the global status of the legal issues addressed. We hope that you find our inaugural edition of the publication useful to your practice. We look forward to your questions or thoughts on the law or other ways the members of the Lex Mundi Antitrust and Competition Practice Group can assist you.

From our local and regional expertise, we have formed this truly unique and efficient publication to provide real-time, thoughtful, and accurate global advice on competition law.

For more information about this report, contact Lauren Smith, Senior Manager, Global Markets.